Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions

  • We do not only teach students how to get a high score or answer a specific question, we teach them how to embrace the knowledge and make it theirs - it becomes part of them. It goes far beyond learning facts and procedures, we teach how to learn. This is a skill that is applicable to anyone and is agnostic of level of learning.

    Many tutors simply correct a student's work, without giving any thought or further investigation into the reason for the mistake, solving this is crucial in the learning process.

    This is possible because of the specific tutors that are selected and how these complement the learning style of the student – without this, the dynamics would not be effective.

  • We have a £125/h flat fee – bundles are available, please enquire if interested here. This is because we expect a lot of our tutors; from past success through to ongoing, continuous support to our students and a passion for what they do – this is not easy to find.

    We have found that tutors who have large numbers of students are not able to perform as well as those with lower number of students. Our flat fees ensure that we keep these numbers low and hence deliver the optimum service and better availability.

    We do not see our prices as expensive, we condense our lessons to make them much more effective. In fact, on average, our tutees make double the progress of their peers.

  • As soon as you have completed the introductory form on the ‘Find My Tutors’ page we will provide you with a tutor suggestion and all the required contact details.
    Nonetheless, they can get in touch with you at your earliest convenience, should this be preferred. We will then set up a Free Video Meeting for you to meet the tutor, or alternatively if you would like to go straight ahead, we can book the first lesson.

  • Our tutors come from all walks of life, however they share a common trait – they have all excelled at those tasks that they have gotten involved with, be it academically, starting companies, in high performance environments or professional sports.
    Our tutors are expected to test in the 99th percentile of whatever subject or test they intend to tutor. Beyond that, they are all individually interviewed twice before joining our team.

    We are always happy to share feedback that these tutors have received in order for you to best gauge your feel for the fit.

  • All payments are made through the SimplifAI Tutoring platform and must be paid for before they take place to ensure you can access the Online Classroom with your tutor.
    You can pay for your lesson by topping up your wallet on your account. Simply add credit to your wallet meaning you won’t need to pay each time you book, and your Online Lessons will be confirmed as soon as the tutor accepts them.

  • If you're no longer able to make a lesson, we can cancel or reschedule it for you. Simply let us know and we can inform the tutor or feel free to also get in touch directly with the tutor.

    Cancelling a lesson
    You can cancel a lesson if it's due to start in over 24 hours. This way, the tutor has plenty of warning that the lesson is not going ahead. Once you cancel a lesson, it won't appear in your bookings and the credits will be returned to your wallet.
    If you have any pending bookings due to take place in the next 7 days, the money from the cancelled lesson will automatically be assigned to these. If a lesson is due to start in under 24 hours, you won't be able to cancel the lesson this way and you'll need to message your tutor to let them know as providing a refund with under 24 hours notice will be at their discretion.
    Alternatively, you can reschedule the lesson (see below).

    Rescheduling a lesson
    If you aren't able to make the scheduled time for a lesson, you can suggest a new time to the student. Find a new time that works for you and update the request.

  • Although we do not offer score guarantees, as the learning process is a complex one, and standardized tests are designed to be challenging for even the strongest students. Many factors affect the outcome of a program, including the length of the program, the number of meetings and tests, the student's starting point, and the amount of time each student spends studying. We control these variables as much as possible while addressing concerns throughout the process. We also monitor scores carefully through practice tests, so that we can gauge progress and predict test performance with some accuracy. Above all, we have a professional and personal commitment to seeing every student perform his or her best on test day.

    We do however offer guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the service we offer a refund. Fun fact, no one has ever asked us for a refund.

  • If you have been referred to one of our tutors, please get in touch and we will set up a discussion. We cannot guarantee that this specific tutor will be the perfect match for your requirements. As we strive to deliver the best possible service - based on tried and tested research - our algorithms may mean that the tutor that has been recommended to you is not the one that we you were referred to. This is because each of us has different requirements and our algorithms take this into account when crafting a recommendation.
    Should you still prefer to go ahead and work with the recommended tutor, we will be happy arrange an initial discussion.