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He [my tutor] has re-engaged a jaded 13-year-old, reigniting his passion and desire to succeed in math. His [the tutor’s] age doesn’t hinder his ability but instead, he serves a peer-group role model. He is also polite and punctual and we would highly recommend him to others.

A Passionate Mathematician

KS3, Maths


He has an excellent knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS software and applies different teaching techniques.

An Expert Analyst

Manager, Solidworks


She [my tutor] has been an excellent tutor for my son who was a reluctant A level maths student! She explained concepts clearly to my son who was able to grasp them much more easily than in his lessons at school. She has also shown the utmost patience and flexibility as my son debated over whether or not to continue with the subject. “We will definitely go back to her – if she has any space free.”

A Reserved Mathematician

A-Level, Maths


Great lesson! Really went out of his [the tutor] way to try and explain things to me

An Analytical Engineer

University, Mechanical Engineer


I love Computer Science!!

An Eager Computer Scientist

University, Computer Science


I no longer feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to uni exams, Thanks [to my tutor]!

A Burgeoning Economist

University, Economics and Finance


“She [my tutor] effectively analyzed and simplified the complex concepts in Engineering Design and she always replied quickly if I had questions outside of lessons.”

A Budding Designer

Post Graduate, Design


He [my tutor] is friendly and easy to get on with. He is patient and a good listener, able to adapt sessions to meet current needs.

An Intrepid Physicst

IB, Physics and Math


We are really pleased with the way he [the tutor] has helped our son. Most importantly he has formed a good relationship with him and the progress stems from the ability along with his knowledge.

An Energetic Musician

IB, Music


He [my tutor] is diligent and proficient, answering all questions as he efficiently explains the Design principles. I would definitely recommend him.

A Curious Designer

University, Design


He [my tutor] tutored my son to help him through his recent GCSE Spanish oral. He was reliable, trustworthy, and proved an excellent tutor. 

An Inquisitive Biologist

GCSE, Biology


He [my tutor] tutored my son to help him through his recent GCSE French exams. He was reliable, trustworthy, and proved an excellent tutor. 

An Ambitious Linguist

GCSE, French


“He [the tutor] was able to come down to the level of the student and delivers the subjects in a way that makes the student not only get knowledge but also completely satisfied and confident.”

A Young Mathematician

University, Mathematics


“She [my tutor] has a unique passion, an incredible understanding of Engineering Design and is always very patient and explained the Engineering Design concepts clearly.”

An Inquisitive Engineer

College, Design Engineering


“He [my tutor] managed to ignite an interest in Spanish in my son, for the first time in two years. We will be asking him back to help with the Spanish reading/writing/listening paper. I thoroughly recommend him.”

A Language Enthusiast

A-Level, Spanish

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