The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Unfortunately this is not a possibility for everyone – today, over 265 million children do not have access to any kind of education and over 750 million adults are illiterate.

This is what we want to overcome. Our tutors are committed to this mission.


Why is there no fair trade when it comes to education?

We aim to be this fair education beacon. To pursue this mission, we recently launched our new global impact programme which strives to make education accessible to everyone, irrespective of their own personal circumstances. Beyond society’s moral obligation to provide a basic form of education for all its citizens, it is also critical to provide such an education due the costly consequences of poor academic results on burdening public services.

The poverty, unrest and feelings of angst and worry that go with a lack of education are not local concerns, but instead global ones which affect each and everyone one of us. Society needs as many trained individuals as it can possibly get, and these are needed all over the globe.

Levelling the playing field

The number one priority for educational institutions across the globe has been to resume teaching online. A large number of these institutions have not succeeded and it is likely that many more will fail in the coming years. This is likely to hit the hardest where most help is needed. Even in times of crisis, education matters. Here is where we fit.

A vast proportion of our tutors believe in this mission and are committed to helping one student at a time. Ensuring that passion remains at the centre of our mission is what allows us to remain effective. In fact, a large number of our tutors discovered their love for tutoring through outreach programmes.

We have found that we can be much more effective with our resources if we act on an organisational level, which is why we do not take on – as an entity – case-by-case outreach. Nonetheless, we always encourage our tutors to do so, should they wish to. In addition, we are always eager to provide support, should they have found someone who would be eligible and is interested in joining our Global Impact Programme.